AGT Promposal

We had another Promposal this week at America’s Got Talent. Promposals are basically wedding style prom invitations. This one at #AGT10 is really cute.

Also check out my upcoming stand up comedy dates at Stand Up NY and Dangerfields HERE!

Tom Kelly Crowd Surfs

Tom Kelly the warm up comedian for Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series and from “The View” crowd surfs for the first time at Brad Paisley’s Good Morning America concert!

Old Man Hits On Tom’s Girl

While hanging out with comedienne Justine Marino after the Jenny McCarthy “Dirty Sexy Funny” tour at Mohegan Sun Casino, Tom Kelly buys an old man who lost his money a drink. In return, the old man starts hitting on a girl that he thinks Tom is dating.

Serenading Robin Quivers Elvis Style

Robin Quivers of Sirius XM’s “Howard Stern Show” gets serenaded by audience member Jesus Santiago (Twitter: @sifutony) . . . tonight on the Tom Kelly Show. (This is a little piece of crowd work from a recent America’s Got Talent taping. This clip EXEMPLIFIES the people I meet at AGT. Jesus is sweet, charming and insanely talented.)

In Honor Of Boston

I filmed this two weeks after the Boston Marathon bombings at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC. It’s my little “Valentine” to runners and the people who cheer them on.