Tom Kelly On “The View”

If you’re a new fan and you are reading this, hopefully you saw me on “The View” and that means my set went well.

I love using this fancy “Internet” to make people laugh.  Here are some places you can catch me.  I’m @TomKellyShow on all social media, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tinder.

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Tom Kelly On David Letterman

In the 1990s most high school boys had pictures of Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland or some sort of Sports Illustrated model in their locker. My locker had a magazine cover of David Letterman’s first CBS “Late Show” from 1993.
I don’t think I’ve ever truly wanted to be a stand up comedian. I have always said I wanted to host a late night talk show. In college, a professor called my work on the college TV station a “cheap Letterman knock off”. The thing is, he was right. That’s what I wanted to be.

It sounds trite to say David Letterman inspired me to become a comedian.  If the hosts of Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show say Letterman inspired them, who cares that the warm up comedian at “The View” says he was inspired by Letterman?

The difference between most of my peers who say they were inspired by Letterman and I is that I remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to be a comedian. It was January 2, 1991.

My dad and I were in a pretty horrific head on car collision with a drunk driver.

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AGT Promposal

We had another Promposal this week at America’s Got Talent. Promposals are basically wedding style prom invitations. This one at #AGT10 is really cute.

Also check out my upcoming stand up comedy dates at Stand Up NY and Dangerfields HERE!

Old Man Hits On Tom’s Girl

While hanging out with comedienne Justine Marino after the Jenny McCarthy “Dirty Sexy Funny” tour at Mohegan Sun Casino, Tom Kelly buys an old man who lost his money a drink. In return, the old man starts hitting on a girl that he thinks Tom is dating.