My Reese Witherspoon Moment

Have you ever had a small scale “Do You Know Who I Am?” moment? While filming a video blog about Reese Witherspoon’s meltdown while defending her husband from a drunk driving charge, Tom Kelly has his own “Do you know who I am?” moment while trying to film a blog making fun of Reese.

Celebrity Death Hoax

Shaggy is not dead. Neither is Mickey Rourke. In this episode of The Tom Kelly Show, comedian Tom Kelly discusses the elements necessary for a good celebrity Death Hoax and who we should kill off next.


America Doesn’t Respect American Holidays

If we’re not careful, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is in danger of becoming just like every other American holiday: an excuse to drink at the beach.

In the stand-up clip above, comedian Tom Kelly explains how MLK Jr. Day could go the way of Labor Day and Memorial Day before we know it. Why don’t we all just agree to never let this important landmark be exploited to sell used cars?